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Ong Jin Ting

I am just entering menopause, during menopause, I was suffering from severe back pain, joint pain, numbness, and facial cramps, and sometimes more difficulty in sleeping. The problems caused me easy to fall into tiredness. When I took I-Young Sheep Placenta Complex, after 2 weeks,  I found that my numbness and facial cramps symptoms began to improved slowly, it was because one of the ingredient called Tocomin which can help us to remove lipids, promote blood circulation and it helps to reduce cramps symptoms. So far, I have been taking for nearly six months, and my long-term back pain has gradually improved, and able to sleep well at night. I-Young Sheep Placenta not only let me away from the pain of torture, my skin also looks more shiny and soft.  Relatives and friends around also say that I am younger than before.

Ong Jin TingFemale, 55 years old
Goh Beng Hooi

I have been taking health products regularly since 3 years ago, and I like to try new products to get improve on my tiredness. But it seems no significant on improvement, because I always work until midnight, it makes me felt tired even though I have enough sleep and my skin becomes very dry. After Meridian Analysis test, I started taking I Young Sheep Placenta, obviously I feel more spiritual and energetic than before and skin also becomes more supple and shiny.

Goh Beng HooiMale, 37 years old
Thiang Siew Bee

I have tried many brands of sheep placenta; I was initially very hesitant of trying other sheep placenta. But when I get to contact with the I Young Sheep Placenta, the effects was amazingly quick and obvious. Within three weeks, the pores on my face had tightened and my skin was softly glowing.  It’s also helps to improve my skin tone, youthfulness, and reduce the appearance old age spots as well as wrinkles. Obviously looked more lustrous and feel more spiritual and vitality than before. Surprisingly, I found my weight loss and body look slimmer than before.

Thiang Siew BeeFemale, 45 years old
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