Sheep Placenta Complex

The Elixir of Health

The Elixir of Health

Scientific research has shown that the sheep placenta provides the elusive elixir of youth. It is derived from 100% pure and natural freeze dried sheep placenta in the form of high tech bio-active softgels for
* Rejuvenating body cells
* Tissue regeneration
* Beautiful skin for vibrant vitality
* Younger, healthier and delaying facial skin aging

It has been used by the British Royal Family for 1,400 years as medicine or promoting general health. Decades of clinical experience also demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of placenta therapy.

The sheep placenta extract is obtained from stringently selected and certified closed colony healthy and fine quality sheep in New Zealand, where the extraction is done without any foreign contents, chemical additives and hormones.

羊胎盘素 : 青春的灵药

科学研究证明,羊胎盘素提供了人类长生不老的药。高科技生物活性软胶囊结成了100%纯天然冷冻干羊胎素 :
* 使人体细胞回复原形
* 组织再回生
* 肌肤充满一个美丽及活力的生命力,变得更年轻、更健康
* 面部肌肤延缓衰老



This Extraction is 100% compatible with the human body

Sheep placenta extract is a rich source of concentrated nutrients, growth factors and bio-actives cytokines, antibodies, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, glycosaminoglycans, nucleic acids, polydeoxyribonucleotides, and minerals that all have potential benefits for repair and regeneration process in cells, and rejuvenate organic tissues and organs. Its wide range of health benefits include enhancing and invigorate body energy, improve physical vitality, anti-aging, health, skin complexion and beauty benefits.



Introducing Sheep Placenta, an anti-aging supplement that
helps you to restore the beauty & health.


  • 60:1 Refined Sheep Placenta Extraction

    60:1 - 精致的羊胎素

    Refined sheep placenta extraction provides a pure ration of fresh sheep placenta helps to slower down the aging process by stimulating your cells to continuously repair and rejuvenate – resulting a younger skin from inside out.

    60:1 的新鲜羊胎素有助于缓慢衰老过程,刺激您的细胞不断的修复和复原 一塑造一个从内至外的年轻肌肤・iYoung TOCOMIN羊胎素的效果非常快及持久,因为它是使用高科技生物活性软胶囊的形式放入100%纯天然的冻干羊胎盘。

  • LEMS (Liquid Encapsulated Micro Spray Sealing)

    LEMS (液体封装的微型喷雾封)

    The patented LEMS technology is a revolutionary way of sealing liquid capsules that ensures a completely leak-resistant enclosure. This guarantees iYoung(TM) product freshness and protects the content from potential degradation caused by moisture.

    iYoung TOCOMIN 羊胎素使用 LEMS 技木,以确保产品的功效和生物利用度在药物制剂中,即便轻微的水分迁移 – 微微的6%,可以显著降低45%的产品功效。获得专利的技术是用来密封液体胶囊,以确保完全防漏罩。这能保证 iYoung 产品的新鲜度,并保护产品免受湿气的影响。

  • US Patented Tocomin SupraBio(TM) System

    美国专利的 Tocomin SuperBio(TM) (6596396)

    This patented technology is a self-emulsifying delivery system that guarantees consistent and increased oral absorption of each individual Tocotrienol by up to 300%.

    iYoung TOCOMIN 羊胎素能有效活化细胞新陈代谢,因为它含有高浓度和最新专利技术,以确保特制胶囊确保羊胎素输送至人体小肠内才溶解。

iYoung 羊胎素含 :

• Concentrate of fresh placenta 60:1 (200mg)
• 浓缩新鲜胎盘 60:1 (200毫克)

• US Patented TOCOMIN SupraBio
• 美国专利的 TOCOMIN SupraBio

• Vitamin B3 and Vitamin A
• 维生素 B3 和维生素 A

Global 1st Patented TOCOMIN Sheep Placenta

Tocomin Tocotrienol is a true full spectum palm tocotrienol complex with the highest concentration ratio of alpha-, beta-, gamma, and delta-tocotrienols which is found in palm oil. This unique combination of phytonutrients in natural proportion and their synergistics effects may ultimately confer the many beneficial health effects associated with tocotrienols.

However, tocotrienols like any other fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin E are poorly absorbed as the efficiency of tocotrienols absorption full depends on the amount of dietary fats present. As such, a bio-enhanced oral delivery system have been developed to overcome this problem. The patented SupraBioTM system (US Patent No. 6,596,306) was developed as a self-emulsifying system that enhanced oral absorption of the tocotrienols by up to 300%.

Tocomin三烯酚在棕桐油中里发现含高浓度的 alpha-, -beta, -gamma- 及delta- 生育三烯酚比率。它的天然植物营养素比例可赋予生育三烯酚许多有益的保健作用。

然而生育三烯酚与其它脂溶性维生素一样,吸收效率全取决于膳食里的脂肪量。饮食中缺乏脂肪就会影响它的吸收能力。现在你可不必担心这问题了,因为iYoung 羊胎素使用 LEMS 技术,以确保产品的新鲜度及提高了它的吸收效率高达300%,以获取更好的效果。

Health Benefits of TOCOMIN

TOCOMIN 所提供的健康益处

Cancer Prevention


Tocomin Tocotrienols induces apoptosis (self-destruction) of cancer cells in our body and inhibit tumor growth1.


Potent Antioxident


Tocomin is 40-60 times more potent than alpha-tocopherol as an antioxidant. It is also more efficient in scavenging free radicals and preventing cell damages2.

Tocomin 比 a-生育酚高达 40-60 倍以上的抗氧化剂功效。它非常有效的清除自由基及防止细胞损伤2

Prevent Heart Disease


Tocomin has been identified as a potential cardio-protective agent especially on the ability to improve post-ischemic ventricular function and reduce myocardial infarct size3.

Tocomin 己被鉴定为心脏保护剂有效降低动脉硬化及心脏病的风险3

Anti-aging Effect


Tocomin was significantly prevent protein oxidation and reduced the accumulation of protein carbonyl – a good indicator of oxidative stress during aging4.
Tocomin 有效防止蛋白质氧化及减少蛋白质碳基的积累。蛋白质拨基是衰老过程中的其中一个指标4

Skin Protection & Whitening Effect


Antioxidant and moisturizing properties in Tocomin help to protect against UV-radiation and provide skin whitening effect. Research from Fukuyama University have recently published data that Tocomin is able to inhibit tyrosinase protein production, which leads to reduce synthesis of melanin5.

Tocomin 含抗氧化和保湿功能,以效防止紫外线辐射,并提供美白肌肤的功效。根据福山大学研究显示,Tocomin 能抑制酪氨酸酶蛋白质的产生,从而导致减少黑色素的合成5

Benefits for Hair Growth


Tocomin increases hair number due to antioxidant activity that helped to reduce lipid peroxidation and oxidative stress in scalp. United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent Tocomin SupraBio (advance formulation of Tocomin as a hair growth formulation6.

Tocomin 含抗氧化,有助于增加头发数量,减少头皮脂造氧化。美国专利和商标局已经授予 Tocomin SupraBio 为头发生长配方专利6

Improves Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Supplement with Tocomin improve liver condition in end – stage liver disease and reduce liver stiffness in NAFLD patients.

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Other Health Benefits of TOCOMIN Sheep Placenta


Skin & Complexion 皮肤和肤色

  • Revitalizing the skin and rejuvenate facial. 修复面部肌肤
  • Refines facial pores and add lighten the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and dark spots. 磨砺面部毛孔,并消减雀斑、色素沉淡和暗斑的出现
  • Promote a translucent, lustrous and even toned complexion. 促进半透明、更有光泽、甚至淡化肤色
  • Smoothens skin, making it look and feel velvety soft. 柔滑肌肤,使它看起来感觉像天鹅般的柔嫩
  • Increase skin elasticity and reduce sagging glow to your skin. 增加皮肤弹性、减少下垂及焕发肌肤
  • Hydrate the skin, erasing lines and wrinkles. 滋润肌肤,消除皱纹
  • Enhance skin renewal process and reduce the appearance of scars. 增加肌肤更新的过程和淡化疤痕
  • Regulate the natural sebum production and reduce open pores. 调节皮脂分泌,减少毛孔打开
  • Enhances skin elasticity. 增强皮肤弹性和回复青春

Joint & Bones 关节和骨骼

  • Support joints and nerves. 支持关节及神经
  • Nourishes muscles and bones. 滋养肌肉骨骼
  • Support joint lubrication and reduce minor pains and aches. 支持小关节润滑,减少疼痛

Nursing of Beauty 美容调理

  • Regulate menstrual cycle, ease menstrual pain and alleviate menopausal symptoms. 调节月经周期,缓解月经疼痛和减轻更年期症状
  • Assist in burning of excess body fats and firm up the body. 协助燃烧体内多余的脂肪,达到塑身的效果
  • Naturally detoxifies (removes impurities) 自然排毒养颜 (去除杂质)
  • Strengthened nail and hair follicle. 强化指甲和毛囊

Immune System & Vitality 免疫系统与活力

  • Boosting the immune system. 增加免疫系统
  • Improving physical vitality and energy. 提高身体活力和能量,增强I性功能
  • Healing properties. 治疗作用
  • Antioxidant. 预防细胞老化及抗氧化
  • Promoting general health. 促进整体健康,提神醒脑
  • Boost body’s natural repair process. 提升身体自然修复过程,强精补身的作用
  • Cholesterol Reduction. 减少胆固醇

Capsule Dissolution Test



TOCOMIN SHEEP PLACENTA is suitable for man or woman who wants to slow down their aging process.

TOCOMIN 羊胎素最适合需要减缓老化的男性及女性。

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